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I've been a headshot photographer for eight years, starting out with cute kids and working for the last five years with adult actors (adults are cute, too). I studied photography from a young age and quickly realized that it wasn't nature or architecture that drew my interest. It's people. My best early shots are my three year old brother, a willing and mischievous model!

Anyone with a camera can call themselves a photographer, so how do you know who's the real deal?

 I'm keenly aware of the stress you might feel when boooking a headshot as I have several working actors in my family. I know I can make your session the best you've experienced,, because my clients regularly tell me that it's a new experience to feel relaxed and at ease during a session.

Your professional headshot needs to speak clearly about you as a professional actor or industry figure.

The most important detail of a headshot session is you.

 Styling, lighting, equipment--none of that matters unless you and I can make a connection through conversation before, during and after the shoot.

That's what makes a stellar headshot.

Let's chat about your next headshot soon!