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I’ve been taking pictures since I was young. From the time I got my first camera, I knew I wasn’t interested in nature, landscapes, or architecture: I only wanted to take pictures of people. My earliest model was my three year old brother. As you can see from this shot, I didn't quite understand the use of natural light! 


Over the years, and through some creative detours, I discovered the world of headshot photography and portraiture, an art I have pursued professionally for the past nine years. My earliest clients were cute kids, including my own; for the past five years I have been shooting adult actors. My clients include dancers, writers, actors for stage and film both, voiceover artists, casting directors and musicians. 


I believe in showing you off in your headshot. I don’t create pictures that look like all the hundreds of others casting directors flip through: You need a picture that makes a statement and speaks clearly about what you have to offer. I dedicate time to getting to know you prior to our shoot—to making a connection. Every photographer has the equipment, the lighting, the toys—what you will get from me is attention to what matters. That’s what makes a stellar headshot.